Thursday, March 05, 2009

a sigh for Rihanna

Don't get me wrong. I love her. Love her voice, love her look, love her vibe, love the Soft Cell sampling in this well-known song of Rihanna's.

But this thing with Chris Brown? Come on. And it's not like I'm all bent out of shape about the example she's setting for girls and women everywhere, because I know it's my job as a mother to educate my daughter (and my son, for that matter) that people can only treat you the way you allow them to treat you. And if you allow them to abuse you - whether it's psychologically, emotionally, verbally and/or physically - that's more than likely what you're going to get.

Keith Ablow had some, I think, extremely valid points about the whole syndrome for which Rihanna is pretty much the current poster child. I especially found myself nodding at this observation: "Men who abuse women aren’t usually one-time offenders. They lack the internal restraint necessary to control their impulses, or they harbor deep resentment toward females (often rooted in experiences and emotions from when they were much younger) or their behavior and judgment is impaired by alcohol or illicit drugs."

No sh*t.

All I can say is, You're right, Girl. It's definitely not healthy for you to feel this way. And tainted love is putting it mildly.

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  1. When I herd that they were back together I was all "What the EFF?".

    I guess I just see this beautiful woman that should be showing other women and girls how to be strong. But she's not, and at the same time it hurts. Because in a way it seems as though she is saying "It is ok, he didn’t mean it, he said he was sorry.".

    Come on...

    Did you see yourself? I know that I picture they I saw of her was horrific, and that was just her face. Can you imagine what her body looked like?

    I just hope she wakes up before he does that to her again.