Wednesday, March 04, 2009

w.o.k. wednesday: the rink

Okay, first I feel the need to type a bit of a mea culpa for being such a terribly bad, awful, neglectful blogger and not posting anything since FebruaryFlippin'24th. Let's just say time in general has been escaping me lately and leave it at that (M53, stop that snickering).

So, I'm hoping to create today's post in two parts, because I haven't yet taken the pictures I want to post here. Here are some hints, though. The lighting will be funky, and there will be ice involved. It will be a good lesson in indoor lighting with the D80, so hopefully I'll get some decent shots.

My daughter will be finishing up her first session of ice skating lessons this evening, and I've promised her McDonald's afterward as a special treat. The thought makes me visibly shudder, prissy food purist that I've become. But she's been working really hard at conquering her solo skating fears, and she really wants the Littlest Pet Shop Gray Squirrel that McD's is apparently giving away with the Happy Meal. So, it's a done deal.

Son will be thrilled, too. Not enough kids signed up for his skating level, so he has basically spent every Wednesday evening for the past several weeks doing free-skate. He's a mini Evil Knievel out there: Couldn't care less about splattering on the ice like a starfish dropped from the Empire State Building - just scrambles back up and off he goes. Ah, for those rubbery bones of youth.

So, check back later to see what Nikon and I were able to come up with.

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  1. wink wink and a lot of snickering :-)