Tuesday, March 31, 2009

'tude tuesday: in the heat with a bluejean girl

It's just been one of those days where you have to get back to basics and forge ahead. Steve Perry and Neal Schon helped me do just that today after I found my old "Escape" cassette tape hidden way back in a drawer. This is my favorite Journey song ever, because it's totally rad.

Being a Bay Area teenager, I, of course, saw them live at multiple Bill Graham/Day on the Green concerts. I also worked at a pizza restaurant frequented by the likes of the Journey boys and Huey Lewis. Anyone remember Papa Vito's on Greenfield Ave? It's where I first played both Frogger AND PacMan. Oh! And at the Marin County Fair I once stood in line for the "Zipper" right near Neal Schon. He was foxy and unmistakable in those 80's shades and denim vest.

See? The day's getting better already.


  1. I see you've been reading some of the more racy parts of the Hebrew scriptures: "...the cooing of doves..." Oh dear.

  2. Yup. King S. truly had it going on.