Wednesday, March 11, 2009

w.o.k. wednesday: a poster of rasputin and a beard down to his knee

By golly but it's been a heck of a day. It started with a failed Internet connection and a resulting missed Hour of Great Importance (at least in the Small Picture version of things), and it ended with about 18 people in my house for the monthly 4-H community meeting due to our original meeting place having fallen through at the last minute.

Then there was the really odd, two-hour-long conversation with Verizon Tech Support and the really deep conversation with a friend about love and loss and motherhood and womanhood.

It's days like this that make me thank my lucky stars for the cool Poetry student from way back in my NAU teaching days who introduced me to the Indigo Girls. What was it I read recently about a young woman who had to assure her anxious mother that she really wasn't a lesbian: She just really liked the IGs' songs?

And I don't mind telling you that I popped an old worn-out cassette into the 4 Runner's tape deck and belted out a mean harmonization of this one on Old Route 66 this morning. Because days like today - days when you feel about as far away from fine as you can get - call for nothing less.


  1. "feeling far away from fine" Yes, just right. I think alliteration is like singing in thirds. I wonder if animals ever look at what they say? Queer creatures, we.

  2. I hadn't even noticed the alliteration. I think it comes too naturally, and that I'm always speaking in s's or f's or t's or whatever.

    Yes, queer, indeed.